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To explain the need for proper implementation of the legal aid schemes, it is worth remembering what Leeman Abbot had observed years ago in relation to affluent Americans,
 —“If ever a time shall come when in this city only the rich can enjoy law as a doubtful luxury, when the poor who need it most cannot have it, when only a golden key will unlock the door to the court-room, the seeds of revolution will be sown’ the fire-brand of revolution will be lighted and put in to the hands of men and they will almost be justified in the revolution which will follow”.

India is a developing country with appreciable development in the industrial sector, but still such progress  cannot hide the indispensable drawbacks of our society like population explosion and illiteracy.  These drawbacks, coupled with environmental and social hinges results in increase in poverty and lack of food security for people.  All the fruits of such progress are available to the wealthy persons. The poor resides in their own world of ignorance. But we should remember that misusing their ignorance and encashing the fruits for the benefit of the wealthy citizenry will frustrate the very foundation of our constitutional pledge enshrined in the preamble.

So, in order to bring the letters of Art. 14, 19, 21 and 39A in to action in its true spirit, the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 was enacted with view to bridge the gap between court's door and poverty.

The District Authority, South 24-Parganas, a heritage district of the State of West Bengal, stretching from the metropolitan Kolkata to the remote riverine villages up to the mouth of Bay of Bengal with 82% rural population, is a very small enterprise in the field of legal aid movement but committed to up hold the main objectives of the Act and undertake implementation of various legal aid schemes with empathy and devotion.  By its relentless effort the D.L.S.A, 24-Pgns. (South), will be looking forward to demystify the prejudice of the common people that law grinds the poor and rich men rule the law.  

Thank you.

Sri Rabindranath Samanta,
District Legal Services Authority,
South 24 – Parganas.